Model: RP8-P45/P46 | HP8-P45/P46

  •  Stall Torque: 45Kg-cm (7.4V)
  •  No-load Speed: 0.098sec@60º (7.4V)
  •  Operation Voltage: 6.0-8.4V
  •  Enhanced Stainless Shaft Gear
  •  Coreless Motor 
  •  Travel Angle: 180º | 270º
  •  Dual Shaft (RP8 Series)
  •  Single Shaft (HP8 Series)

Physical Features

Every part in detail allows you to deal with various applications such as RC, robot, STEAM education and industry.

Flexible Assembly

  • Body mounting holes adopts full symmetric structure (Dual-shaft servo only)
  • The brackets can be installed from -90º, 0º and 90º direction
  • Sunken horn plate design
  • (Sold Separately)

What’s included

  • Master horn plate (25T)                         1pcs
  • Slave horn plate                                           1pcs
  • M3.0*6                                                              2pcs
  • M2.0*5                                                           16pcs
  • PB2.0*5                                                         10pcs
  • PH2.0-JR cable (30cm)                           1pcs

Product Code

RP8-P45 | RP8-P46 | HP8-P45 | HP8-P46

User Manual

Latest Update  2019-10-12

Servo 3D/CAD Drawings

125kb   2019-10-12

Horn Plate 3D/CAD Drawings

125kb   2019-10-12