Distributed serial bus servo is designed for multi-joint robots. Only 3 steps are needed to accomplish your robot actions design with the position feedback motion editor.

Basic Features

Model: RP8-S41 | HP8-S41

  •  32-Bit MCU
  •  Stall Torque: 45Kg-cm (7.4V)
  •  No-load Speed: 0.098sec@60º (7.4V)
  •  Operation Voltage: 6.0-8.4V
  •  Travel Angle: 180º
  •  Enhanced Stainless Shaft Gear
  •  Coreless Motor 
  •  Dual Shaft (RP8 Series)
  •  Single Shaft (HP8 Series)


(Patented ID: ZL 2018 2 0115636.4)

The platform supports 6 parallel bus channels. The servos on each channel are connected in a serial line. The servo ID is assigned automatically. This patented design improves the robot wiring and power management.

Physical Features

We strive to pursue the accuracy and reliability of every part in detail.

Convertors & Shields

Varieties of convertors and shields provide you easy access to use DBSP servos on different platforms.

Motion Editor (Windows)

  • Global servo scan
  • Online action programming
  • Action Marco management
  • Joystick button mapping
  • Download files to your robot
User Manual

Motion Editor (App)

  • iOS/Android Support
  • Bluetooth 4.2 connection
  • 3D animation demo
  • Virtual joysticks
  • Sharing your design files
User Manual

Scratch Programming

  • Compatible with Mixly Scratch 3.0
  • DBSP library support
  • Servos can be controlled directly
  • Pre-edit action groups can be called directly

Flexible Assembly

  • Body mounting holes adopts full symmetric structure (Dual-shaft servo only)
  • The brackets can be installed from -90º, 0º and 90º direction
  • Sunken horn plate design
  • (Sold Separately)

What’s included

  • Master horn plate (25T)                         1pcs
  • Slave horn plate                                           1pcs
  • M3.0*6                                                              2pcs
  • M2.0*5                                                            16pcs
  • PB2.0*5                                                          10pcs
  • PH2.0 cable (20cm)                                    1pcs

Product Code

RP8-S41| HP8-S41

Motion Editor User Manual

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Motion Editor(Windows)

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Servo 3D/CAD Drawings

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Horn Plate 3D/CAD Drawings

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