Company Profile

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Founded in 2007, Fashion Star Technology International Co., Ltd. is a professional supplier of bus steering gear, new generation intelligent digital steering gear, brushless steering gear and robot application. Our company has a customer-centric and innovative culture, we dedicate to the field of humanoid robots, multi-legged bio-robots, mechanical arms, and creative education products, which is why we can provide high quality and competitive solutions. We create value for our customers and enrich smart life by cooperate with our partners in this ecosystem constantly and unleash personal potential, stimulate organizational innovation

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Rigorous: The founder and the core team of our company come from famous global semiconductor companies. We produce our every                     products with strict attitude as the same attitude toward semiconductor process.

Pragmatic: We insist on not taking shortcuts, from raw material selection, product design and manufacturing process to safety                                   certification, being steadfast, dedicating for a long time and being well-prepared to lead the trend.

Diligent: We are industrious with our customer-centric culture, devoting to create value for our customers and keeping abreast of the                       era.

Innovative: Independent innovation is our constant core value, and the driving force of our company.

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